Red wines

“Plortsch” pinot noir

This pinot noir grape established a second home for itself in South Tyrol a long time ago. This variety enjoys excellent growing conditions at the “Plortsch” vineyard below Wehrburg Castle, with soils that are rich in minerals, clay and limestone and steep slopes facing south-east. The grape yield is consequently reduced to 50 to 55 hl/ha. With closely spaced vines, only one bottle is produced per vine. The wine requires a large glass to reveal its complexity and depth. Here it will open up and release aromas reminiscent of forest fruits, ripe cherries and herbs. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and juicy with a long finish. The “Plortsch” pinot noir is perfect for pairing with wild game, beef and smoked meat dishes. Or it can be enjoyed on its own while connoisseurs ponder life.


  • bottle: GL71 | green glass | glass waste
  • closure: FOR51 | cork | special waste collection or organic waste
  • capsule: C/PVC 90 | PVC heat shrink (with aluminum inner disc) | plastic collection
  • carton: PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

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