The legend of the Barber of Wehrburg

Let yourself be entranced by the eerie tales of Wehrburg Castle

The medieval castle, dating back to the 13th century, stands majestically atop a hill above the plateau landscape surrounding Tisens and Prissian. The breathtaking view and the beauty of the castle invite you to dream and bask in the aura of times long past. There are many old stories and legends involving the castle, but it’s the ghost stories especially that fascinate guests of all ages. Here is one which has been passed on from generation to generation:

There once was a barber who lived and plied his trade in Wehrburg Castle. One day a man came to him, wishing to have his beard shaved off. The barber, however, shaved only half of the man’s beard. The man asked him to finish the job, but the barber refused. The man became angry and cried, “You devil, may you

keep working after you’re dead!” The barber gave only this scornful reply: “If I have to do that, it will for my own sake”. After the barber passed away, his room in the castle was filled with constant turmoil. No one could bear to stay in it, especially at night.

One September, when the annual market was being held in the village, a stranger came looking for accommodation. As all the rooms in the village were taken, the innkeeper said to the stranger, “There’s a room free in the castle, but no one wants to stay there.” The stranger replied that he wasn’t afraid of ghosts. He took quarter in the infamous room, and laid himself down to sleep. When the witching hour approached, the barber appeared and fetched a shaving blade, soap, and a bowl from a cabinet on the wall. The barber’s ghost ordered the stranger to come and sit on a chair, which the stranger did. The ghost then gave him a shave, and then disappeared. After a while, the barber came back, carrying a bowl of fresh water and a piece of soap under his wing. The stranger asked the barber if he also wanted a shave, and the barber nodded. He took his place on the chair, and the stranger gave him a shave. Afterwards the spirit of the barber left the room, but returned shortly thereafter with a burning candle. He said that he had been made to atone for an offence long ago, and thanked the stranger for granting him salvation. The barber then said that the stranger was to go to the bridge on the next day, where a man would be waiting for him. The ghost then disappeared, released from his earthly chains.

Just as he was about to leave, a beggar appeared. The stranger complained to the beggar that, at the behest of the barber, he had waited on the bridge the entire day, squandering his valuable time. The beggar replied, “I’ve been told many times that there is a treasure buried under that pear tree, but I’ve never believed it and I still don’t.” Having said these words, the beggar left the bridge and the stranger was left alone once more. He thought over what the beggar had said, and realised that he had been given a sign. He went to the nearest house to borrow a pick and a shovel, and began to dig. After a short while he came upon a chest filled with gold. He shared his found treasure with the beggar, so that the latter would never be in need again.

So, what do you think of that? Whether this story happened or not, believing the legend is up to you. And who knows -- maybe you’ll encounter the Barber of

Wehrburg Castle during your next holiday. Some of our guests have already had that ghostly pleasure.