Hiking & biking in Prissian

Hiking & biking in Prissian


Hiking and biking in the Tisens-Prissian holiday area - South Tyrol

For your hiking holiday: Tips for hiking and biking/mountain biking tours

The Tisens-Prissian holiday area and our hiking hotel in Wehrburg Castle provide a central starting point for many adventurous hikes, excursions, and tours. The region is a hiking holiday destination for all ages, thanks to the wide variety of trails. A walk through nature allows body, mind and soul to bask in the mountain air, giving you renewed energy.

Do you like variety? Alternatively, you can rent a road bike, mountain bike or even an e-bike from one of our local partners, and set your cap for new routes to new destinations - that is, if the journey isn’t its own destination. The villages of Tisens and Prissian are the perfect starting points for a variety of hikes, ranging from easy walks to challenging summit tours. Depending on how much time and stamina you have for your hike or ride, the routes are divided into three categories:

  • leisure trips,
  • hiking/biking trails,
  • and summit tours.

Below are suggested tours for each category.

Hiking and biking Tisens - Prissian
Panorama hiking map
Adventure map

Walks: Panoramaweg trail

Starting point is the parish church in Tisens. From there, take the small side road that starts uphill at the Raiffeisenkasse bank. You’ll pass by a large wayside cross on the left. A few metres further you will see signs for the Panoramaweg trail. Continue along the edge of the forest, then through the forest until you come to a furrow. From there, you’ll pass through a gate and back onto the road which leads back to Tisens. A hike on the Panoramaweg trail takes about 45-60 minutes.

Hiking trail: International Path of Artwork in Felt

The International Path of Artwork in Felt can be reached from the parish church. From here, follow the main road until you reach the signpost for Frankenberg. Follow this route to the sign for Burggräfler Hotel. Here is the starting point for the International Path of Artwork in Felt. This path features felt artworks by 24 artists from 7 different countries.

Summit tour: From Gampenpass mountain pass to Schönegg and St. Felix

Starting point is the Gampenpass. From here, walk to the information hut (on the left). Then follow the forest road, and then uphill on the left-hand side. After 10 minutes’ walk, you’ll reach high ground and can continue on the marked climbing trail to Schönegg. After about 2 hours, the wonderful views will more than make up for the exertion.

Discover the popular theme trails of the Tisens-Prissian holiday area

Theme trails offer both children and adults the opportunity to learn about nature and discover it anew. The International Path of Artwork in Felt, the Vorbichl Adventure Trail and the Mühlenweg Trail are especially inviting hikes. A special experience is the Besinnungsweg trail (“reflection path”), dedicated to the seven sacraments. It is walk for introspection and for enjoying the tranquillity of the surroundings. For those who prefer an overlook with scenic views, we recommend the hills of St. Hippolyt and St. Jakob. An unusual attraction is the world’s largest and arguably oldest grapevine. You will find it in Prissian, not far from Katzenzungen Castle.

With mountain bike or road bike to the Gampenpass

The Tisens-Prissian holiday area can be discovered by bike as well as on foot, via the very large variety of tour routes. There are bike routes of all levels of difficulty all around Tisens. Here you’ll find both easy routes with minimal elevation differences and challenging tours with steep climbs. You can rent mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes at the rental stations in Nals and Lana. Bikes can also be easily transported with public transportation, so that even more distant goals pose no problem.

Pedalling up to the Gampenpass

One of the most popular bike routes is the tour to the Gampenpass, located not far from Tisens. The road to the Gampenpass is steep and full of turns, and is very popular with road cyclists. A tour to the Mendelpass mountain pass is also recommended. From there an impressive descent brings you to Kalterersee lake.