small but mighty

elegant and complex taste


The Wehrburg Castle winery Prissiano

The Wehrburg Castle vineyards, spanning 2 ha in size, are small but mighty. Situated in the village of Prissiano, the vines grow on the south-eastern slopes at 500-600 metres above sea level. The soil is rocky with good amounts of limestone and clay. The castle vineyards are a great place for growing traditional South Tyrolean white wine grape varieties: Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer. When it comes to reds, the Pinot Noir is the king of them all, while the traditional Vernatsch variety can make top-notch wines, even with low yields.

The excellent location, attentive nurturing from Christine and Jakob Holzner and low crop sizes all help to produce excellent grapes. The harvested grapes are turned into wine with the utmost care in the cellar. The wines are made with as little technical support as possible but all the tactfulness in the world. The terroir is reflected in the wines with a mineral, elegant and complex taste.

Wine is bottled poetry.
Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson 13.11.1850-3.12.1894

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