Medieval atmosphere, majestic scenery


Ambience in Wehrburg Castle Hotel

Experience a unique castle atmosphere in the walls of Wehrburg Castle

When guests first take the path from the parking area to the castle gate, their astonishment is plain to see. The last 200 steps lead through oleander blossoms to the old castle walls and gate. From here one has a marvellous view of Wehrburg Castle’s courtyard and the two towers. From the first glimpse, this ensemble radiates an immense calm, and conveys an aura of both harmony and diversity. The castle has been largely preserved in its original state, with many parts of it unchanged. This gives Wehrburg Castel Hotel its special medieval, rustic charm.

Discover the Middle Ages in Wehrburg Castle

If only the castle walls could talk! First recorded mention of the Lords of Wehrburg-Andrian is from the year 1229. The construction of Wehrburg Castle followed during that century. Many parts of the castle remain almost unchanged to this day, the only significant renovations having taken place in the year 1520. The old ceramic stoves from the 16th to the 19th centuries are testimony to times long past. A thorough renovation of the castle was carried out in 1900 through the Hungarian Count Albert von Eperjessey. Hermann Holzner bought the castle in 1957, and with must attention to detail converted it into a hotel. The Wehrburg Castle is currently owned by the Holzner-Wanker family.

Rediscover serenity and leisure in a stylish setting

A holiday at Wehrburg Castle provides regeneration and decompression from daily stress. Enjoy a long conversation in the spacious lobby in the Knights’ Hall, and let the stress of the modern world fall away. We look forward to getting better acquainted with our guests through interesting conversation. Our goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible; we want you to feel that you are among friends. We have many guests who return year after year for this special holiday experience. 

For piano lovers, a grand piano stands at the ready in the Knights’ Hall. You may have the chance to hear a small private concert. The space has especially good acoustics through the old walls and wooden floors and ceilings. There are also many places in the castle to curl up with a good book. You may wish to browse through our large library, located in one of the towers, and stumble across a new discovery. While away the hours over a good book and a glass of wine from our vineyard.

Enjoy the marvellous view and let yourself unwind

The castle courtyard and gardens have many romantic niches and quiet corners where you can tune out from the bustle of modern life. Spending time with an interesting book amidst nature helps you unwind and find new energy. This unique ambience can be enjoyed all day, starting with breakfast. In the evening, the courtyard also provides the ideal spot to enjoy a glass of wine or an aperitif. We see time and again how long and lively conversations amongst our guests in this relaxing atmosphere lead to the forming of friendships. When the sun sinks behind the mountains, a remarkable, illuminated panorama of the Etschtal Valley comes to life.

Those seeking solitude and reflection will find it in our chapel, where masses are also occasionally held. The castle chapel dates back to the 15th century and is dedicated to St. Erasmus. A splendid fresco and pietà from the early 15th century help to create a mystical mood. Here you will find peace and tranquillity, and the spirit of our castle is especially strong in this place.