White wines


South Tyrol’s noble grape variety, the Gewürztraminer, is now grown worldwide. But it thrives in its home. At Wehrburg Castle, this demanding grape has been planted in the sunniest spot.  When highly ripened, its wonderful aromas reminiscent of roses, cinnamon and citrus fruits unfold. The Gewürztraminer grapes at Wehrburg Castle start to be picked in late October, always at above 100°Oe. The variety has a low yield but excellent quality. The wine is undeniably impressive and is often enjoyed as an aperitif. The wine is great for pairing with shellfish and spicy fish and pasta dishes.


  • bottle: GL71 | green glass | glass waste
  • screw cap: C/ALU90 | screw cap (Stelvin) | aluminum-metal-waste
  • carton: PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

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