White wines

cuvée "Weiss-Pfeffer"

The Weiss-Pfeffer is one of the Holzners’ traditional wines, which they have been growing for decades, if only on a small scale. The Weiss-Pfeffer grows on the slopes of Wehrburg Castle. Its name is made up of “Weiss” from Weißburgunder (more commonly known as pinot blanc in English), which makes up 90% of the wine, and “Pfeffer” for Pfefferer, the South Tyrolean name for the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grape. This white cuvée always impresses connoisseurs with its freshness and juiciness. In addition to apple and citrus fruit, the Weiss-Pfeffer sets itself apart from the traditional pinot blanc with its delicate aromas of nutmeg. The Weiss-Pfeffer is best suited as an aperitif or with fish or lighter starters.


  • bottle: GL71 | green glass | glass waste
  • screw cap: C/ALU90 | screw cap (Stelvin) | aluminum-metal-waste
  • carton: PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

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