White wines


The best growing conditions for the Kerner grape variety can be found in the vineyards surrounding Prissian. Riesling and Trollinger are crossed to create this white wine variety. The wine most closely resembles Riesling. The Kerner by Wehrburg Castle originates from vineyards at two altitudes: One is situated at the “Hocheben” site between Nals and Prissian, 450 m above sea level, the other is from the vineyards in front of the castle, just over 600 m above sea level. The almost over-ripened grapes with their very intense aroma from the lower altitude and the juicy and delicately fruity grapes from the higher altitude form a fantastic symbiosis. The result is a white wine with mild acidity and strong character. The bouquet is characterised by citrus and tropical fruits accompanied by a subtle aromatic note. The Kerner is an excellent accompaniment for fish and white meat as well as creamy soups. This fine wine can also be enjoyed on its own, when its complexity and finesse really shine through.


  • bottle: GL71 | green glass | glass waste
  • screw cap: C/ALU90 | screw cap (Stelvin) | aluminum-metal-waste
  • carton: PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

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